By conducting customer surveys, your email communications can be more effective. MssMail can help you do the following:
Determine what’s important to your customers. Find out exactly what products interest them.
Create targeted email lists based on customer’s needs and follow up with relevant email communications focusing on their concerns.

Collecting Data

Surveys can consist of a variety of question types including:
multiple choice
open ended text responses (short answer or long answer)
optional questions or questions requiring an answer
scale questions which rate on a point system and measure customer agreement, preferences, or satisfaction.

Open ended text responses can be tricky to interpret because they are unrestricted. However, the insight gained from customers is very helpful in future planning.

Analyzing Results

Once the surveys have been returned, we can produce reports that make the data easy to analyze. Overall survey results can help you see which aspects of your business are most pleasing to the customer and evaluate which areas need improvement.
While overall survey results are useful, we can also help explore the results of different groups of respondents. For example, did one age group answer differently than another on a particular question or do males and females answer similarly on product satisfaction. If the same survey is sent out over a period of time, MssMail can help you compare results of one time period to another. This type of data is extremely valuable as it helps evaluate trends in your business or industry as a whole.
We also have the ability to send automatic email reminders to those who did not respond to the survey. In addition we can return emails that were undeliverable allowing you to know which customers in your database may need updating.

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